About Us

Little Chief multi-use covers are the most useful, versatile item in my diaper bag.

As a first time mom, I learned very quickly that there is no end to the amount of stuff you might need when out and about with baby … except the diaper bag is only so big.

My Little Chief (the family nickname for the chief love of our lives) was born in the winter of 2016. The car seat canopy I had bought was blown off by the cold winter wind at least ten times between the hospital and the car ride home. Cue the worry about newborn colds.

Later, my stiff cotton nursing cover interfered with learning to breastfeed without both of us breaking a sweat. Plus, the gaping hole at the top and sides didn’t exactly provide any privacy as I wrangled a squirmy baby!

As my Little Chief grew, I needed a car seat cover and stroller cover that could provide sun and wind protection and shield her from light rain and snow, bugs, and curious strangers that wanted to pinch her chubby little cheeks.

And I needed a nursing cover that would keep my distractible nurser focused on the task at hand.

And I needed a scarf to look chic and put together despite a less-than-freshly-washed hairstyle and a spit-up stain on my shirt.

Speaking of spitting up, I could have used a storage pocket to keep a burp cloth handy while freeing my hands to hold my nursing babe!

Little Chief Covers are my solution to ALL the above issues. They are modern, stylish, space-saving and handy for all of mama’s needs. They are soft, breathable, warm and about as multi-use as you can get for baby’s needs. Little Chief Covers are proudly designed and made in Canada, and they are excellent gifts for the new mama in your life who appreciates both style and function.

We hope you enjoy your Little Chief Cover as much as my Little Chief does.