Winter Walks with Your Warm Little Chief Cover

February 20, 2017

Winter Walks with Your Warm Little Chief Cover

Hi folks! It's Family Day here in Alberta, and our family is enjoying a chill morning lazing about the house - as much as possible given that the little chief love of our lives is about as chill as a curious meerkat powered by caffeine!

I remember when she was a newborn, and a whatever comes after newborn but is before having a predictable nap schedule. To beat the lonely mat leave blues, I would bundle her up and head out for a walk... to the park, to a cafe, to anywhere where I could put on real pants and talk to real adults.

The thing was, with blustery Canadian winter wind, I was always concerned about a frozen nose when we'd be out and about. That's where the Little Chief Cover comes in handy. I could just pop it over the car seat and know that the fabric was blocking winter wind and keeping her cocoon warm, while still providing safe air flow due to the breathable fabric.

And when I missed seeing her, I could just pull the opening down to peek in on her cute little sleeping face. But let's be real - that thing mostly stayed closed to provide enough shade and warmth to extend those precious naps!

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