An Ode to Dads: Little Chief Covers Edition

May 07, 2017

An Ode to Dads: Little Chief Covers Edition

With Mother's Day fast approaching, the talk about town - at parks, in offices, and all over shopping malls and television sets - is all about moms. And that's great. Because what moms do is amazing, from carrying their babes, to delivering them, to selflessly putting them above their own needs for years on end. And one special day of the year is hardly enough to commemorate all our moms do for us. That said, before that hallowed Hallmark holiday, I want to take a moment to appreciate dads and all that they do.

Dads are the ones that hold hair back when moms have morning sickness. They're the ones that hoist us out of bed in the third trimester for the umpteenth pee break of the night without making a single hippopotamus reference. They're the ones that fetch popsicles during labour and hold our hands tight during delivery.

Once our babies are out in the world, it's dads drive to get the mother's milk tea and the nipple shields when c-section mamas can't drive themselves. Some dads stagger out of bed for nighttime feedings, and others come up with hilarious poo-related nicknames and anecdotes during diaper changes that are sure to embarass the littles when they're old enough. Dads develop a bond so close with our little ones that we burst with love for our families when we see them rocking our infants.

Later, we love to see our little ones running and squealing when they see dad. Dads teach our little ones all sorts of things. We appreciate when dads do the chasing, climbing, hide-and-seeking and generally being a human jungle gym when mama needs a break. Even when they're less than stellar by the book, the unintentional foibles of dads (like thinking baby sleeps through the night when really dad's heavy sleep leaves him in blissful ignorance) serve to remind moms that they're doing pretty dang well.

Most importantly, lots of dads these days are loving fathers, supportive partners, and committed to the important task participating in family life.

Despite this wonderful fact, baby gear isn't exactly designed with modern dads in mind. Lots of baby products are cute. Because babies are cute and that's exciting. And part of being cute is being sized for baby, or for mom (depending on the baby gear). At Little Chief Covers, we pride ourselves on designing products that simplify life for modern moms AND dads.

Our product is intuitive to use and thoughtfully designed.The stretchy cover fits on all sizes of infant car seat and baby carrier/baby wrap. It fits over the big shopping carts at Best Buy and Costco (some dads' favourite hangouts) just as well as it fits on the smaller carts at other stores.

Our patterns are classic and modern and usually gender neutral - because not all dads love carrying cutesy prints of unicorns or dinosaurs.

Our covers fold up into a small pocket, so dad can stash it in his pocket when not in use, and when he's out and about there's an extra pocket that makes up for the fact that most dads don't exactly tote around a purse. We're like the Swiss Army Knife of baby gear - versatile, neat, compact, and it can always be there when you need it!

With Little Chief Covers, dads can confidently lug around a car seat with a shaded, protected baby inside. They can baby wear while protecting baby with warmth and classic colours. They can feed a baby in a restaurant high chair or push a baby in a shopping cart or on a park swing in masculine style. They can do it all! Except the nursing part. Sorry dads - that function of our cover doesn't really work for you. 

Anyways, before this gets too rambly, I just wanted to take a moment to pay tribute to dads and all they do and all they support moms in doing. Especially Little Chief's dad, who came up with her nickname as the little "chief love of his life".

Dads, now that you're all buttered up, please make sure the cards/flowers/gifts you get us moms next week are good ones! ;)

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